Healthcare Industry Enters a New Era

The healthcare industry is presently undergoing fundamental change. No longer a cost factor which burdens the economy and the labour market, the healthcare business presents itself as a growth industry and innovation driver of paramount importance for Germany’s sustainability.

This paradigm shift as well as growing global demand for health related products and services have motivated several German regions to identify, enhance and individuate their relevant expertise, both internly and externly. The aims of the healthcare business regions are:

  • to become particularly innovative and efficient locations for health related expertise and services,
  • to improve health related quality of life and supply in a committed and pioneering manner,
  • to trigger a growing national and international demand for health related services,
  • to significantly increase employment at their health related facilities and companies.

Co-operation within the Netzwerk Deutsche Gesundheitsregionen e. V. is supposed to sharpen the image of healthcare business – in national perception and from the perspective of international business.

These aims and fields of activity will characterize the work of Netzwerk Deutsche Gesundheitsregionen e. V. in the coming years. This network will also seek the discussion and co-operation with consumers and patients, representatives of the business community and politicians as well as the general public.